By appraising the site and its history, as well as the space allocation plan, unique coherent building types are developed, following the resulting tectonics and materialisation analysis. The wide range of different tasks, different scales and ever-changing social contexts is deliberate and drives us forward with joy in architecture. 

The basis of all our projects is to create spaces that preserve their atmosphere through precise setting, precise architectural formulation and the balanced interplay of proportion, construction, material, light, colour and acoustics. Sustainable development, especially in relation to the constantly changing social living and working spaces, is a central theme.  

Right from the start, we work closely with our clients and our planning partners from various disciplines. The ability to work in a team, open thinking, flexibility and the ability to constantly critically verify one‘s own work are the fundamental characteristics of all those involved in the design process and implementation; this is the only way for us to develop architecturally sophisticated and committed solutions in a targeted manner.